Shades Architectural Associates is a turn-key construction company. We have been constructing buildings since 2000. Our professionals are experts in turnkey construction with years of experience. Our company takes care of all different stages of building with attention to detail and the utmost care. We have shared the joy of successfully completing several projects in the last 24 years. We are a renowned company for the timely completion of projects and the most functional designs using the highest quality materials. We will give you a ready-to-use property during its delivery. Our headquarters is in Kothamangalam, Kerala. Visit us to learn more about our services.

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Why Neriamangalam is the best place to live

Neriamangalam is a remote village in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is a very peaceful place with a very calm atmosphere, which makes it a suitable place to live. Do you feel like living in a calm and quiet environment? Then, Neriamangalam is one of the best places to have a house. Take a look at other reasons to live in Neriamangalam.

  • Connect with nature: Neriamangalam is known for the beauty of nature. The village is situated on the banks of Periyar River, and the area is fully covered in forest terrain. Staying at a place like Neriamangalam, which is covered in greenery, can give your mind a sense of peace. Shades Associates can build luxury homes in Neriamangalam for you.
  • Peaceful stay: The place is a village. The chaos of urban life won’t find you there. It is not a highly trafficked area. Traffic is very low there. The slow paced life of Neriamangalam contributes to its calm and quietness, and the main occupation of the residents of Neriamangalam is mostly agriculture. Paddy, different types of spices, rubber and several other crops are vastly cultivated in Neriamangalam. Wherever you look, it will be a feast for your eyes.
  • Home of waterfalls: Neriamangalam has a unique ecosystem. It is also a place with several waterfalls. Cheeyappara waterfalls , Valara waterfalls, Areekkal waterfall, and Thommankuthu waterfalls are situated in Neriamangalam. The waterfalls can be used for recreational and rejuvenation purposes.
  • Tourist destination: With all the beauty of nature and the presence of several waterfalls, as well as the peaceful life, Neriamangalam has become a major tourist destination in Ernakulam district. Bhoothathankettu Dam & Reserve Forest and Pattas Farm World are some other famous tourist destinations nearby Neriamangalam.
  • Accessibility: Neriamangalam is only a 15-30 minute drive from Kothamangalam. Kothamangalam gives you easy access to Munnar. If you’re a tourist, on the way to Munnar, Neriamanglam can be a perfect destination to stay and visit. Shades Architectural Associates has built homes in Neriamangalam, both luxury and low budget, to make your stay peaceful and to help you feel well rested.
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Building your dream home in Neriamangalam

There are several reasons why you should be living in a house constructed by us, Shades Architectural Associates, in Neriamangalam. Let’s find out why we have the best options for you to choose from.

Wide range of options:

Shades Architectural Associates owns several homes in Neriamangalam that were developed with our clients in mind. We are the top-rated homes in Neriamangalam. Different types of options are available with us. We have luxury homes as well as budget-friendly homes. You can choose from these options with us.

Budget friendly homes:

Our service and efficiency is offered for all types of customers. We understand the importance of budget whether it is building or buying a house. We have constructed high quality houses at a cost effective for those who are looking for budget friendly homes to live in Neriamangalam.

Luxury homes:

Are you a person looking for a luxurious home to live in Neriamangalam? We have what you are looking for. Our homes in Neriamangalam can give you a premium quality of life in a luxury house. Whatever comes to mind when you think about luxury, we have brought the same to our homes in Neriamangalam.

Eco-friendly designs:

We construct eco-friendly designs by using sustainable methods that minimize the impacts on nature. We use environmentally friendly methods and natural ventilation in our construction.

Living with Shades Associates

Living in a house constructed by Shades Architectural Associates comes with a lot of benefits. Since we are a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction,. Some of the benefits are noted below.

  • High quality: all our constructions are made to last. For the highest quality of life, we use the best quality products available in the market and combine them with our expertise to provide you with your dream home in Neriamangalam.
  • Seamless experience: our homes will give you maximum satisfaction. We have designed the homes in Neriamangalam to give you seamless experience, regardless of your budget limitations. Our homes in Neriamangalam will give you the benefit of moving seamlessly inside and outside of the house.
  • Years of expertise: Shades Architectural Associates has been constructing homes, apartments, and business complexes since 2000. We have the most experienced team to initiate all stages involved in the construction. We promise you the best experience in our homes in Neriamangalam.
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Why choose us?

We are the leading construction company currently working in Kerala. Choosing us for construction will help you relieve all the stress related to it. We make detailed plans for every stage of the construction beforehand. Every turnkey construction project completed by us has been a great success in every aspect. The use of the highest quality products and the timely completion of projects with a professional touch have gained the trust of our clients. We suggest you visit our website to learn more about us and our projects, both successfully completed and ongoing. Connect with us if you wish to have a beautiful and functional home at Neriamangalam.

Frequently Asked Questions

A turnkey construction company takes contracts for building flats, villas, apartments and commercial structures and takes care of every stage of the construction. It reduces the stress on the owner, and his/her involvement is needed less. The owner will get a ready to use building at the end of the project. Shades Architectural Associates has been active in turnkey projects since 2007.

Neriamangalam is a remote village in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, renowned for its natural beauty. Shades Architectural Associates has built homes in Neriamangalam that match your taste and expectations. Our homes in Neriamangalam are constructed with good quality materials for you to live in for a lifetime. Contact us to buy your dream home in Neriamangalam.

Are you a person who wants to live very close to nature? Or do you wish to escape from the hassles of modern life? We suggest buying a house in Neriamangalam. Neriamangalam is a place known for its gorgeous nature and ecosystem, with calm and quiet surroundings. We have constructed homes in Neriamangalam for someone like you.

Our homes in Neriamangalam are built for everyone. We have luxurious homes and cost-friendly homes as well. Contact us to get more information about our homes in Neriamangalam and their costs.